Video arts, performances and
immersive spaces to explore
the inner dimensions of
bodies and psyches,
reality and imagination blend.

Combining different media, embodied practices, and ceremonial elements, I design experiences of self-exploration. I create dreamlike environments to play with our perceptions of reality and explore our relationship with our bodies and the world around us.  


I am called by the intimate and imaginative state that can emerge when we take a moment to tap into our sensory awareness and inner psyche. I delve into the liminal spaces between the physical and the spiritual, and invite people to experience their own bodies, thoughts, dreams and desires.


My body of work ranges from video pieces to immersive room installations where I perform and interact with visitors.  My installed pieces invite visitors to slow down and tune into their experience, immersing in worlds that are surreal, mystical and perhaps magical.

About Kia

Short Bio



Kia Kali is a video, performance and multidisciplinary artist born in Buenos Aires and based in Berlin. She studied arts internationally and holds an M.F.A. from the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. She combines media, the sensed body and ceremonial elements to explore altered states of consciousness and our perceptions of reality. Her works have been supported by public funds like Stiftung Kunstfonds and shown in galleries and project spaces in Germany and abroad.




My Work

I combine different media, the sensed body and ceremonial elements to design experiences. My multidisciplinary practice encompasses video, performance, sound, text, immersive installations and AR/VR technologies. My body of work ranges from single video-performance pieces to installations where I perform and interact with visitors.



In my ongoing work Chest of Mirrors, I invite people to draw a card from a deck I created and then show them a video connected to the card they selected, evoking associations and encouraging personal interpretation. In Limbo (2022), visitors journeyed through multiple room installations into a dimension between life and death, where I guided them into ceremonies honoring death. My exhibit Silencio (2022) presented two series of short video works accessed via AR and a series of solo and duo performances I created on the concept of silence.



In each work, I create dreamlike environments to explore our perceptions of reality and our connection with our bodies. What permeates my practice is a search for the intimate and imaginative states that can emerge when we blur out distractions, sharpen our senses and let ourselves be taken on a journey. 



I am particularly fascinated by the liminal spaces between the real and the imaginary, the seen and the unseen, the visible and the hidden. By tapping into my sensory awareness and dreamlike psyche, I investigate how we can connect with our inner selves, our imagination and our environment to create new realities and feel more alive. My artistic practice revolves around creating immersive experiences of self-exploration, inviting introspection and shifting conscious perceptions. 


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What if the boundaries 

between the physical and spiritual worlds 

were more porous than we think? 


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