Videos, performances, installations

and immersive experiences
exploring the inner dimensions
of our bodies and psyches.
Performance at the Inselgalerie Berlin, 2022


Ongoing (since 2019)

Series of cards and video works presented in an interactive performance within an installation. A game of mysteries.

Performance: One-on-one. Each interaction lasts around 7 minutes. Ongoing performance for ca. 3 hours.

Installation: Table with soft cloth. Two chairs. Materials and colors vary inspired by the context.  

21 Cards: 7×10 cm. Selected video stills from 7 Videos. Each video: Color, Silent, Full HD, 9:16 (vertical format), 3 min

Sit in front of me. Breathe and arrive. Open the chest. Dive into the mystery…

In this interactive performance, participants sit in front of me, open the chest and select a card. Each card reveals a still image and a corresponding video, weaving evocative symbols and inspiring reflection. Through dialogue, we may uncover personal associations and draw meaningful connections. At the end of the one-on-one performance, participants receive a poetic keepsake as a reminder of their unique journey.

Inspired by tarot cards, each card and video explores themes and archetypes related to the human spiritual journey. I developed a visual world incorporating body movement, staging, and visual effects to create a dream-like language that evokes associations and encourages interpretation.

Through the use of visual metaphors, participants can process present topics and assign personal meaning. This work examines how meaning is derived from symbols and offers participants a space to connect with their inner wisdom.

Snippets of videos connected to cards

Performance at 48 h Neukölln fest 2022

Cropped image still of the video "Soaking in Color" (2024)



Video: Color, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, 4 min 45 sec

Music by Esh Loh

A video exploring the spectrum of hues and shades we can connect with and embody. I invite visitors on an embodied inquiry into their inner palette through a series of written questions and visual experience.

Exhibition in Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg, January 2024



Interactive Installation:   Monitor with video, colorful lights in space, interactive table, questions printed on table cloth, color curtain, black postcard paper,  boxes and pens.

This space illuminates the whole spectrum of hues and shades that exists between our perceptions of black and white. I invite visitors on an embodied inquiry into their inner palette. I pose seven questions and visitors can take their time, ponder on the questions that resonate with them, and feel free to play and reflect on paper. 

The video is a personal exploration of the seven questions. Next to the video, a table with pens, black paper and the questions printed on the table cloth invite visitors to interact with the questions by free writing or drawing. 



Video Series

9 videos: Color, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, each video ca. 30 seconds

Video series exploring “yin” qualities as gifts. In a society that praises yang qualities (fast-paced, loud, active, productive), this work zooms into slower, more receptive yin qualities: unlocking, allowing, embracing, reposing, nurturing, containing, longing, emptying,  and contemplating.

Solo Exhibition in ORi Gallery, Berlin Neukölln, 2022



Installation: black cloth, projection cloth, visitors lay on bean bags and pillows

Video: Colour, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, 6 min 30 sec

Silencio is an interactive video installation inviting visitors to dedicate a moment of silence to themselves and connect with what arises, while fluorescent jellyfish and abstract images float in space. Visitors may afterwards write down their reflections on a site and read what others shared.

Installation view in Monopol Berlin, 2022
Performance at Monopol Berlin, 2022



Art experience with interactive performances in immersive installations

Direction, Dramaturgy and Project Management for the whole production, which had:

9 immersive installations, 7 interactive performers, a team of more than 30 artists

750+ visitors, 8 shows, each visitor journey over 1 hour long

Within the production, I also did my own Installation and performance.

Installation: white cloth, fountain, glass containers, colored liquids, black feathers

Performance: “Death angel”. 4 hours long, 10-minute cycles with groups of up to 5 people

Limbo was an invitation to journey into the mystical realms between life and death. Visitors were taken through immersive installations, where they interacted with performers while following a ludic yet profound narrative.


Visitors began their hour-long journey in small, intimate groups. They were hypnotized into dream state with the sand of forgotten dreams and sent through a narrow, disorienting tunnel. Although travelers were promised passage into the world of dreams, they may have taken the wrong turn, leading them to Limbo – a space between life and death.


As an angel of death, I guided visitors through ceremonies to honor the lives they’ve lived, what made them worth living, what stood out. After honoring death, I gave visitors playful potions of color to aid in their journey. 


Before passing into the beyond, they were given a chance to write their last words and offered a choice: to become part of everything as they move into oblivion, or to enter the consciousness of another being. Each path was an opportunity for immersion and confrontation with the choice they made, followed by a performer-guided exploration of desires from the perspective of Limbo: a dimension of infinite possibilities.


In Limbo, visitors were given a space to delve into the lives they lived, their hopes, their fears, and their deepest dreams. In the end, visitors met the being who held all the keys and guided a ritual to open a very special door that would offer them a new opportunity to live on their planet. 


More pictures and info about the whole production at

Solo Exhibition in ORi Gallery, Berlin Neukölln, 2022



Augmented Reality Experience:

15 video stills printed on canvas, 45 x 30 cm

The still images transform into videos via an App on people’s phones

Videos: Colour, Stereo, HD, 16:9, different lengths, between 30 seconds and 2 minutes each.

With an app on their phones, visitors could experience the still images from my series Gifts and Reflector coming to life. As they moved their phones, they could view and play with different perspectives or details of the works in motion.

Exhibition in Inselgallerie, Berlin Friedrichshain, 2022



Video Installation:

Installation: 2×2 m, visitors kneel on soft foam with noise-cancelling ear muffs,

Video: Color, Silent, Full HD, 16:9, 6 min 10 sec

“Retune” is a journey through our lives from the first to the last breath. Visual and written suggestions invite viewers to imagine what it must have felt like to breathe the world for the first time and ultimately question how we would like to breathe our last breath. 


In the video installation, visitors are invited to kneel in front of a screen covering their field of vision and wear noise-cancelling ear muffs, dampening the noise from the outside and sharpening the sounds of one’s own organism.

This work was supported by a grant of the Stiftung Kunstfonds:


Monopol Berlin, 2023



Installation and Interactive Performance

Installation: Antique Lamp, Cloth

Visitors are invited to kneel before the lamp, and formulate their wish in a way that a benevolent djinn would be able to interpret their desire and support in its fulfillment. A space to reframe the process of wish making.


Mahalla Berlin, 2023



Performance within Installation

Interactions one-on-one or to groups of up to 8 participants at a time.

In collaboration with Alex Kaos

A performance bringing fire with my own hands close to people in the form of a blessing.


Exhibition in Inselgallerie, Berlin Friedrichshain, 2022



Video Installation

Installation: 2.5x3m, projection on hanging cloth (2.3×1.4m), visitors lay on very soft carpet (2.3×1.7m).

Video: Black & White, Mono, Full HD, 2:1, 7 min 30 sec

“Focus” is an immersive video installation that invites visitors to lie on a soft surface and explore their inner states. As they gaze upon my eyes projected above them, my voice guides them through a series of verbal prompts that encourage them to observe different parts of their body, ponder questions, and become aware of how these processes affect their sensations.


The audio prompts include suggestions such as “soften your tongue”, “release your jaw”, and “where do you feel inner power in your body?” Throughout the experience, visitors are repeatedly asked, “how do you feel now?”, inviting them to continually register any changes in their inner states.


The video concludes by inviting visitors to observe their inner landscapes and then take three minutes to intuitively draw what they experienced. Pencils and postcard-sized paper are provided, allowing visitors to express something experienced in visual form.


This project offers visitors a space to unwind, open up mental space for new insights to arise, and experience first-hand how focusing the mind can influence perception. By inviting visitors to express their experience in visual form, “Focus” encourages a hands-on exploration of one’s inner states.

This work was supported by a grant of the Stiftung Kunstfonds:




Video: Color, Stereo Sound, Full HD, 16:9, 12 min 34 secVideo: Black & White, Mono, Full HD, 2:1, 7 min 30 sec

A video performance looking at light with new eyes, peeling off outer skins and illuminating inner spaces.


This video explores the experience of seeing, both as a physical phenomenon and as a psychological practice. With the performing body, visual compositions and philosophical reflections, a journey unfolds from opening the eyes as if it was for the first time, to what may happen after we blink our last.



Video: Color, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, 9 min 38 sec

This video explores the feeling of spaciousness and containment in the sensed body. The subject immerses increasingly deeper into the sensed space, melting into an ever wider area. This work is a meditation on dissolving oneself into an oceanic presence.



Video Installation and Performance

Video: Color, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, 9 min 11 sec

Performed and exhibited at SINCE_Somatics in Creation (2018), a performance series curated by Ingo Reuleke in Somatische Akademie Berlin

This video installation and interactive performance explores poetic, philosophical, performative and audiovisual approaches to breathing and experiencing the breath.


During the experience, participants themselves become the performers, as they are invited to be the observers, the ‘breathers’ and the ‘breathed’ of their breath. The breath is observed anew and experienced as an ongoing ‘becoming’, a medium through which we may meet our insides.



Video: Color, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, 9 min 55 sec

A video performance initiating a process of inner diving, of tuning our attention inwards, tasting sensations and venturing within without knowing.



Immersive Participatory Installation & Closing Performance

Collaboration with Alex Kaos

Installation: 6 m diameter, 2,2 m high, willow structure, altar with fountain, plants, wood, instruments.

The Temple of Transmutation is a structure made of spiraling willow branches and an altar in the center with a fountain, instruments, boxes and hourglasses.  The soundscape is composed by chimes played by the wind, singing bowls that visitors can interact with, the trickling of the water in the central fountain and other sounds of nature.


Transmutation is the process of transforming something from one form into another. The wood carvings at the temple read:


This temple is for each of you. Respect the space and each other while remaining silent as you reflect upon what you wish to transmute from its current form into a new form. Take your time to define your transmutation and then express it on paper. Hold it clear in your mind & heart and, consciously and deliberately, whisper it to the air to let it go, dip it in the water so it shall flow, and bury it in the earth so it may grow. In a ceremony at the end, we light the transmutations with fire, so they will glow.”

Transmutations were burnt in a ceremonial performance
Installation in Kiez Burn, Arts & Culture 2022



Immersive Installations, Solo show

Six installations created as artist duo in collaboration with Alex Kaos

Self-organized art exhibit with over 400 visitors in 4 days.

Partially subsidized by the public grant Dezentrale Kulturarbeit, Bezirk Treptow-Köpenick

What does it mean to be alone? How is it different from being lonely? How have we connected with this topic in the last 18 months of pandemic outbreaks and lockdowns?


“Aloneness” explores the relationship we cultivate with ourselves in solitude. Six immersive installations invite visitors to experience a different aspect of this topic, offering contained spaces to breathe, think and feel while blurring the view of others and sharpening the inner connection.


Visitors are guided through the experience with written prompts and a sound piece played via headphones. With verbal language, sound light, touch and smell, this exhibition offers a multi-sensory journey to explore the light and shadows of the most intimate relationship and the one that matters most: the one with oneself.




Immersive installation and interactive performance

Installation: 6x4x3m, white cotton cloth, cotton wool, interactive lights, PVC walls

Performance: 10-minute cycles repeated for 4 hours with groups of 4 to 8 participants.

About 2400 participants experienced it in a total of 22 shows.

Final stage of Dream World Order

Participants enter this fantasy room made of fluffy white cotton via twisting, dark tunnels. The space symbolizes a womb for transformation into a new being, an in-between death and rebirth. In the center is an interactive tree of lights that interacts with my performance, bringing colors and an element of magic to the space.


Inside the installation, my performance of “Luma” invites visitors to participate in a ritual to delve into their dreams, embody their chosen symbols and give life to images of their fantasy.


Inhabiting this space is Luma, a celestial being from beyond the sphere of the moon who conjures images to awaken people’s inner powers. Those who make it through the dark and enter her temple can give wings to their fantasies and imagine something they want to invite. With the magic of the tree, Luma guides dreamers to embody and empower their fantasy images. The ritual is sealed with an act of magic.





Installation and Interactive Performance.

Installation: candles, altar, blankets, carpet, wood fired oven

Performance: 4 to 6 hour shows of continuous performance for groups of 10 to 30 people at a time.


About 2000 participants in a total of 27 shows.

Initial stage of the immersive art experience Dream World, at a former car workshop in Berlin Ostkreuz.

The production was featured on sites like Tagesspiegel and Berlin Loves You, among others.

3D model of the installation (missing the fire oven that was part of it during the shows).

The Waiting Room is a soporific limbo preceding the gates to the dream, a site for the suspension of reality and an entrance into the numinous. Here I perform as a mysterious shamanic figure who induces participants into a “dream state” by reciting poems about dreaming, telling bedtime stories, singing lullabies, coming into dialogue with the participants and experimenting with interactive hypnosis practices. One by one, participants are summoned to the wheelchair, where I bless them with personal spells as they slide onto their dream.





Each interaction lasts around 7 minutes. They may be from one-on-one interactions up to for groups of 8 participants at a time.

(also named Dream Oasis)

Performed in diverse events including for Red Bull, Four Play, Paradise Garage and private parties in venues such as Birgit & Bier, Badeschiff, Kit Kat and Wilde Renate, among others.

“Gold” is a series of interactive performances that allow participants to choose a so-called ‘Treatment from the Dream Oasis’, each with playful names such as ‘Love Bath’, ‘Aura Cleanse’, ‘Anti-fear Balm’, and ‘Grudge Release’. 


Using visualization and movement, I guide participants on an imaginative journey to discover images and sensations related to the chosen treatment, bringing them to life through interactive play with our bodies and minds.


These performances delve into the exploration of our ‘inner gold’ and enriched states of consciousness through light-hearted play and intimate interaction. As visitors share their needs and ideas with me, I use their metaphors to create a personalized journey leading into their desired ‘treatment’.


Performance in Salon zur wilden Renate, 2021



Performance Series: 4 Performances, each 10-30 minutes long. Movement, word, sound, interaction

Spaces for Silence is a performance series exploring the moments in between sounds, as well as inner spaces within us in which we resonate with a bigger silence. Through movement, words, and musical instruments, the performances invited the audiences to intentionally experience inner spaces of silence.


Where does my inner silence meet the silence of the universe?



Immersive Video Installation

Installation: wooden structure, black cloth, mats, bean bags, nets and tarps.

Video: Color, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, 92 min

An immersive space inviting visitors to lay down, relax and sense their living bodies while letting the images and sounds land inside them. The installation shows a dozen of my video pieces made in the last decade and projects them in a diagonal above the guests’ lying bodies.


Exhibition view at Kiez Burn Art and Cultural Event, in Alt-Tellin

Installation view, HFBK Hamburg 2019



Immersive Video Installation

Installation: Mats, pillows, bean bags, nets

Video: Color, Stereo Sound, Full HD, 16:9, 58 min 35 sec

Installed at HFBK Absolventenausstellung in Hamburg.

An immersive space inviting visitors to lay down, relax and sense their living bodies while letting the images and sounds land inside them. The installation shows a dozen of my video pieces made in the last decade and projects them in a diagonal above the guests’ lying bodies.




Immersive, Interactive Installation

Installation: 2×0,5m, black nets, thread, pillows, mats.

An intimate hub inside a one-person bathtub at Body IQ, a festival of somatics, mindfulness and embodiment. Participants could spend time by themselves in this dark and soft microcosm filled with pillows and monotonous ambient music. When inside, visitors would find messages from other participants hovering above them. Everyone was invited to write down their own reflections and connect them to the shared web.


Entering the dark space, taking a moment for oneself.

Weaving sensations, thoughts, meaning.

Or doing nothing. Resting in one’s own fabric.

Maybe sharing some words by knitting them onto the web.


Installation view at Body IQ festival, Somatische Akademie Berlin 2019



 Video: Color, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, 3 min 44 sec

Experiments on waking and awakening.



Video: Color, Stereo, Full HD, 16:9, 8 min 37 sec

A collage adding visual layers to “Combing Myself”: a visual and kinesthetic ritual starting with the movement of combing my hair after a shower.


How does a mundane action become a ceremony into the numinous?


Link to video here



Video Installation

6-channel video installation. Each video: Color, Stereo, HD, 16:9, 2 min 15 sec

Reflector is a series of videos creating sanctuaries for reflection. Mirrored images of nature merge with parts of the body, allowing new images to arise. 


In the installation, the six videos are displayed simultaneously and distributed evenly in the room, creating nooks of passage into different realms.



Video: Color, Stereo, HD, 16:9, 3 min 10 sec

Short video instructing to “ask yourself a question” and breathe in and out fifteen times before going back to the question. Performance based on the instructions of Francisco J. Varela (Fluxus).



Video Installation

Video: Color, Stereo, HD, 16:9, 12 min 31 sec

Installation: Soft mats, cloth

Exhibited at the Media Festival in the Media Center at Dickinson College, Carlisle, USA

Multimedia installation investigating investigating with audiovisual and immersive induction into deeper and calmer states of consciousness. The participants enter the small room (2x2m) in their intimacy and interact with the elements in the space, the written and spoken language and the audiovisual work guiding an introspective experience.




Video Installation

Video: 1-channel, Color, Stereo,  HD, 16:9, 7 min 31 sec

Exhibited at the Meditation Room at Dickinson College, Carlisle, USA

Video installation orchestrating a cleansing ceremony to engage viewers in a ritual experienced in intimacy.



Video: Color, Stereo, HD, 4:3, 2 min 39 sec

Personal exploration dealing with the death of a friend, juxtaposing the observing, living body and the observed, past memories.



Video: Color, Stereo, HD, 16:9, 1 min 37 sec

Short video exploring with borrowed audio samples and inviting the viewer to sink inward, below the surface of the images, into a meditative perception of the personal experience.



Video: Color, Stereo, HD, 16:9, 7 min 59 sec

Experimental film about two pre-creations locked in a dark, deceiving dimension, on their journey into bringing themselves to a manifested life. In this realm, ideas exist as sentient beings, seeking form through a host. Who becomes the host?

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