In a nutshell, I create dreamlike environments to explore self-perception. My subject matter is the intimate and imaginative state that can emerge when we take a moment, sharpen our senses and tap into our sensory awareness and inner psyche. My installed works invite visitors to slow down and experience their own body -both physically and mentally-, immersing in worlds that are surreal, mystical and perhaps magical.

I am a video, installation and performance artist born in Buenos Aires and based in Berlin. I studied arts in Argentina, the United States, India and Germany, receiving my BA from Dickinson College in the USA and my MFA from the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg in 2019. My body of work ranges from video pieces to immersive room installations where I perform and interact with visitors. What permeates my practice is a search for meditative states that may shed light on our sensorial and mental landscapes, reflections, dreams and desires.

Selected Works
Sneak Peaks